Mitya Fomin

Dmitri Fomin known by his stage name Mitya Fomin (in Russian Митя Фомин) is a Russian solo singer, dancer and producer. Between 1998 and 2009, he

was a member of the very famous group Hi-Fi.


While in the group, Mitya started working with many writers and composers for his own work and decided to leave the group in January 2009 after more than 10 years with the band.

In March 2009, he collaborated with songwriter and producer Maxim Fadeev in releasing his debut solo single "Две земли". The music video directed by Yevgeny Kuritsin with a spaceship theme topped the Russian MTV charts. The follow up single in January 2010 was "Вот и всё". Thew third single "Всё будет хорошо" (Everything's gonna be alright) featuring rapper StuFF. He also released an English-language version "Ok!" became a summer hit in Russia and Europe.